Used Car Re-Marketing

Used Car Re-Marketing

  • Buying a carAre you changing your car?
  • Are you unhappy with the part exchange price that has been offered?
  • Do you just need to sell a car quickly but need more than the trade will offer?
  • Do you want to sell your car but don’t have the time?

DreamDriver remarketing service will make the most of your current car for you. We will arrange a personal appointment during which your car will be appraised. You will have the opportunity to consult the retail market place with our representative and once the market place has been assessed and a retail price agreed we would valet your car, photograph it and advertise it on your behalf. We will then take the calls and arrange only high quality appointments with confirmed buyers. We will attend the appointments and undertake the entire sales process on your behalf, a lot like an estate agent would with your house.

So now you can retail your car without the hassle of cold callers and time wasters or the need to take time out of your life. Let DreamDriver do the work for you!

How much?

An upfront fee of £135.00 to cover the cost of valeting and advertising followed by a percentage of sale price commission.

Retail Price Bracket – Commission Percentage

  • £3500 – £4500 – 10%
  • £4501 – £5500 – 8%
  • £5501 – £6500 – 7%
  • £6501 – £7500 – 6%
  • £7501 and above – 5%

Fixed commissions can be agreed in certain circumstances such as specialist cars